Why wait?  Buy now, receive products tomorrow!

American Fashion World cares for our customers and wants to ensure great quality as well as fast delivery!

You will never have to wait weeks, months, or even years to receive your products.

Some of our competitors use this selling method. By you preordering, you’re tying up your capital. You’re investing into something with no immediate turn over. This will lead you to lose money. The other suppliers do this because they are using your money to buy the product! There is no financial commitment on their end.

The following are a few things to consider when pre-ordering merchandise:

  1. Before you place your pre-order, find out how many days you have after the purchase to file a dispute from your credit card issuer. The “period of protection” varies from as short as 30 days! It is strongly advised only to make a pre-order within this period in the event that you do not receive your merchandise.
  2. Copies of contact. Save all emails and communication between yourself and the seller. Hopefully you will never need to use these, but it is always advised to keep copies.
  3. The most common issue when deciding to pre-order; the possibility of the product quality or sizing being terrible. Can you receive a sample of this product? How can you be sure?

To avoid all hassle and stress, buy now!

As a reseller the way to make profit is to turnover quickly!

American Fashion World is always here to help; any issue can be resolved immediately, not in 30 days or more from now. We stand behind our product 100%

Please enjoy our IN STOCK specials!

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